Toshiba CB35-A3120 13.3-Inch Chromebook Large

Toshiba CB35-A3120 13.3-Inch Chromebook

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3 thoughts on “Toshiba CB35-A3120 13.3-Inch Chromebook”

  1. If you’re looking at this Chromebook, or any Chromebook, I will assume that you are aware of the differences between a PC and diving into the Google world wholeheartedly. Therefore, I am not going to review the entire Chromebook platform but to say that I am very pleased with it and have not looked back. I love Google docs and the flexibility of it — not to mention not being chained to expensive upgrades with Office. Likewise, you can see the specs on the product description, so I will stick to my own experience in this review:

    This machine feels very well built. It feels lightweight but sturdy. The 13.3 inch is the perfect size. I have avoided the Chromebook to date primarily because I didn’t want one of those tiny screens, likewise I didn’t want one too big. As Goldilocks says: this one is Just Right. Someone asked if the screen was matte or glossy…the answer is glossy.

    The screen seems to be well weighted, allowing it to…

  2. I bought my first Chromebook (the current Samsung model) last spring, and have since purchased three more (HP 11, Acer C720 4GB (upgraded to 128GB SSD), and a C720 2GB). All of the Chromebooks have performed flawlessly so far, and the regular updates to the Chrome OS has only made them better. This Toshiba is my fifth Chromebook and probably not my last. I’ve not had any experience with the HP 14, other than looking at it in the store, and I have never seen a Pixel. With the thousands of reviews for all the different Chromebook models here on Amazon I’m not going to get into the details of what Chromebooks can and cannot do. Rather, I would like to focus on how this model stacks up against the other current Chromebook offerings and how it performs with my various peripherals. If you have any question on this Toshiba, Chrome OS, any of the other Chromebook models, or the peripherals I refer to, please feel free to ask. There is a surprising lack of detailed reviews for this…

  3. I purchased a MacBook Pro a few months ago and love the laptop computer. I’ve been an Apple customer since the inception of Macintosh, owning only one PC in my lifetime. I have never purchased an iPad. The is Toshiba’s first entry into the Chromebook market, my first Chromebook and it did not disappoint this consumer.

    It is about the same dimensions as my MacBook Pro, but thinner and substantially lighter in weight. With a solid state, no hard drive or DVD in this one, it is the one I’ll take when traveling. Out of the box, I plugged in the Chromebook, then opened the lid. Immediately, the registration process began and since I’m already a Google customer, it was quick and simple. Setup was faster than fast and within a couple of minutes I was on the…

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